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We thought of ZipCodeFlea when our New York City neighborhood downtown stopped hosting its annual Flea Market a few years ago.

Our family – and everyone else we know – LOVED that flea market. For one weekend, everyone could see all our neighbors outside at the same time. Most importantly, we could easily sell all the stuff we didn’t need anymore, and buy the used items our neighbors were done with.

The best part was that everyone was close — you didn’t need a cab or a van to move things, just a cart or hand truck at most if you couldn’t carry it.

Being able to buy and sell items and services on an extremely local basis is good for all of us – it saves time, money, and effort.

It means perfectly good merchandise keeps on getting used, instead of thrown away. It means people can make a little extra money with what they’ve got, and help make their neighbors happy in the process.

For everyone who misses the ole’ Flea Market, it’s BACK: 24/7, year-round.

That’s what ZipCodeFlea is all about!